Statement Summer 2018

View on my present work

The tools of my work are colour and shape 

The abstract nature of colour makes it  raw material to establish endless possibilities of shapes and establish a new visual communication made between me and the world.

My artistic inspirations are stimulated by my own nature and constant and constant discoveries of life's mysteries, poetry, profound spiritual forces, duality of human condition, transformations and the unknown. 



Statement Winter 2017

View on my present work

My subject matter is people and the mind itself - its dance in the realms of real and 'unreal'. Its need to dream unjustified as well as logically synthesise, to feel and to think, equally affecting one another.  Its relationship to space and its communicative forces deviating from language.

When I reach out and interact with my paintings by observing unintentional or randomly choosing during this process of painting, - I liberate myself from any controlled idea, this leads to various determents and points of meaning if necessary.

In this poetic dance with my creating and allowing accidents to happen, -  interaction is going both ways, it could be called as an engagement synergy within organic matter.

If there is this tension between figurative and abstract, neither one can be excluded - a defined story line in non-defined space, movement, stillness - it all coexists, equally contributing and constantly mutating around the human soul.

I would l like to evoke similar emotions and non - defined thoughts in the viewer.

to be cont